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It is has been stated by psychologists at the National Institute of Health that many children diagnosed with autism can actually grow out of the condition and be cured.  However during my own experience with Autism I have found that an autistic person can grow out of some of their autistic behaviour but not all.  To say I am sceptical would be an honest view, yet I am hoping I am wrong. 
There is a major importance for parents with autistic children to be well educated on the subject so that they can then develop the correct program for their children.  Maybe if children got the best start in life with the correct structure we would hear more success stories of people growing out of autism.  I struggle to understand why any parent with an autistic child would not seek out the best education on the subject, and in my experience it has been through a lack of exposure and relevance placed on the subject.

To summarise my own belief, I think with the correct structure and program in place, we will begin to hear more enlightening stories surrounding autism.  I also believe we are all on the autistic scale as many autistic traits are commonly seen amongst those of us without a diagnosis, however I am not diluting the affects and difficulties it poses for those children with autism, it is a very challenging life to lead and as our knowledge base increases we are getting better at helping those who suffer with it.

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